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There are a lot of questions around our favorite fictional characters that we don’t know the answer to: would Batman win in a fight against Superman? How would Mssr Poirot and Ms. Marple get along if they were to meet? Could the Hardy Boys work with Nancy Drew? Turns out that the license-fee-funded sleeping TV giants who are the BBC have produced watchable telly for the first time since Maggie left office, and in doing so answered a questions we’ve always wondered- could Sherlock Holmes work in the modern day?

I refer of course to Sherlock- a show that casts Holmes and Watson in the 21st century. Frankly, it’s the first time since I read the books nearly 20 years ago that I’ve been excited by Sherlock Holmes. Benedict Cumberbatch is brilliant as Holmes, while Martin Freeman (Watson) looks so much like Robert Sean Leonard (Wilson from House) that it seems like he was cast just to make the House M.D. as Holmes analogy more obvious. The only downside appears to be in their attempts to make the dialogue match the era- “Mrs Hudson, the game is on!” is distinctly less appealing than “Mrs Hudson, the game is afoot!” Anyway, watch it when you get a chance. Season 2 (sticking to the rather disappointing British habit of having a single digit number of episodes to a season) is due some time later this year.


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