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The NFL playoffs are upon us. For football fans and fans whose teams made it to festivus, this is the highlight of the year- lots of high quality football starring quality teams (and whoever comes out of the NFC west). This is also, however, a time when that which masquerades for analysis on TV reaches a new low. Demand for quality content meets a supply of ex-players trained from years of speaking much yet saying nothing at press-conferences to produce what Cheap Talk economists call a babbling equilibrium (subliminal advertising alert).

Case in point- the pre-match analysis:
1. Offense, Defense, and special teams are critical.
2. The 12th man (i.e. home team crowd) can make a difference.
3. Ball security and turnovers (takeaways) are key.
4. “Exploiting good matchups” is important (explaining what this might mean, or instances thereof clearly less so).
5. Field Position is vital.
6. Hyped-player of the week could be a difference maker.

NFL coverage is the posterboy for dumbed down mainstream media. For an example of slightly un-dumbed down analysis, here’s a piece on yesterday’s Eagles-Pack game by my favorite sports economist, Jonathan Weinstein.
(Disclaimer: JW is not actually a sports economist. This hasn’t stopped him from writing some of the best pieces of actual analysis.)


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