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The bay area is home to some of the worlds greatest universities, richest venture capitalists and smartest entrepreneurs. Yet it is also an echo chamber of ideas and opinions. In the heart of Silicon Valley fads and bubbles abound, good money is thrown after bad and an active regulatory environment helps change the rules every so often.

So for example, take the industry sector we refer to ‘CleanTech’ or ‘GreenTech’. Why does the market (in the form of private venture funding) back certain horses and not others? And are the outcomes socially efficient? Actually coming up with answers to that question would be far too complicated and out of character for this blog but one might begin by staring at a couple of graphs.

Lets start by following the money

Where has venture capital been going?

And next lets look at where we could actually get cheap renewable electricity from (This next one is from a report for the California Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative – 2 years old now unfortunately).

Electricity generation costs

Its worth questioning whether a combination of policy that picks technology winners (California’s large solar subsidies) and capital that goes where everyone else is going has really led to a socially optimal mix of green energy startups?


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